“Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Zachary Brown

36″ x 80″

Acrylic and mixed media on wood panel

Completed 11-14-2011



"Baby It's Cold Outside" by Zachary Brown


“On Belay, Belay On” By Zachary Brown

16″ x 20″

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Completed 9/17/2011

$ Available by request


"On Belay, Belay On" By Zachary Brown

Vote for me (please).

January 26, 2011

If you have a moment and can afford me the kindness won’t you please vote for my latest artwork?  I have entered it in the Saatchi online showdown.  http://www.saatchionline.com/showdown/match/showdown/3/artist/60524/art/1190193 There is a cash prize for the winner but most importantly the winner’s work is displayed in Saatchi Gallery in London.  You can vote for my work daily until February 7th and if I’m in the top 128 at that time I’ll be moved to the final round of the showdown which is a head to head bracket style battle of may the best art win.

Forbearance Is The Hallmark Of My Creed by Zachary Brown

80″ x 30″

Acrylic and mixed media on panel

completed 10-31-10


forebearance is the hallmark of my creed by Zachary Brown

I recently got an e-mail from Doogallery about their  upcoming events.  They have quite a few unique exhibition opportunities but one caught my eye over all the others.  It was called “Buy It Or Burn It”.  The idea is that any unsold art at the end of the night will be burned.  I decided not to wait for the event and just burn an older painting of mine if it went unsold.  Here’s what I did:

I posted on my Facebook Page for my art which also goes to my twitter which in turn feeds to my personal facebook page.  I set a deadline of  11pm that evening and gave the description that the piece will be burned if it went unsold.  To my delight bids came in and in the end The Daugherty family of Georgia attained victory.

Burn Barrel

To view the piece and the bid history go directly to the image on my facebook page: *disclamer poor photo quality of this work as I wasn’t as adept at taking photos of art for display on the internet, hence the flash and fuzz. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5673788&id=90098050007

“Social Networking”
16″ x 20″
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
Completed 5-2-09
Sold by Jack Art Gallery http://JackArtGallery.com

The Coupon Clippers

Social Networking - abstract painting

Social Networking - abstract painting