“On Belay, Belay On” By Zachary Brown

16″ x 20″

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Completed 9/17/2011

$ Available by request


"On Belay, Belay On" By Zachary Brown


” High Elevation ”

20″ x 16″

Acrylic on canvas

$ on request

completed 7-9-2011

This was a landscape inspired by my childhood fascination with PBS instructional painting shows.

High Elevation by Zachary Brown

“Go For Broke” by Zachary Brown
48″ x 36″
Acrylic on canavas
completed on 4-28-11

"Go For Broke" by Zachary Brown

“Lilli’s Poppies” by Zachary Brown

24″ x 18″

Acrylic on canvas

completed 3-15-11


Lilli's Poppies by Zachary Brown

“Rain Rain Go Away”
Acrylic on Drum Head
8″ Diameter
completed 2-17-11

"Rain Rain Go Away" by Zachary Brown

Vote for me (please).

January 26, 2011

If you have a moment and can afford me the kindness won’t you please vote for my latest artwork?  I have entered it in the Saatchi online showdown.  http://www.saatchionline.com/showdown/match/showdown/3/artist/60524/art/1190193 There is a cash prize for the winner but most importantly the winner’s work is displayed in Saatchi Gallery in London.  You can vote for my work daily until February 7th and if I’m in the top 128 at that time I’ll be moved to the final round of the showdown which is a head to head bracket style battle of may the best art win.

Intestinal fortitude By Zachary Brown

20″ x 16″

Acrylic on canvas

Completed 1-11-11

$ Available by request.

Intestinal fortitude By Zachary Brown

Luxury As Sacrosanct Birthright by Zachary Brown

24″ x 18″

Acrylic on canvas

Completed 12-15-2010


Luxury As Sacrosanct Birthright by Zachary Brown



I have recently moved the studio to my new place of residence and it remains to be set up and in full working order.  As a result I am working on peripheral projects that had to take a back seat to my contemporary paintings.  One thing I’ve resumed is my project of creating fine contemporary art using functional instruments such as guitars or drums.  I will begin work on a drum kit this weekend and began work on a bass earlier this week.  Take a look at this nearly completed Stratocaster copy, I started with a sunburst body, stripped the paint carved my design and refinished it w/ a faux wood grain.

original finish Original finish

Side Embelishments

before tone

finished product by Zachary Brown

In addition to my instrument projects I’ve also begun work on a photography project I’ve been dreaming about for over two years.  This is my photo series of improperly illuminated signage. Such signs are telling of the times but create an interesting visual with their unintended forms.

Editions are 10 prints plus artists proof
8″x10″ – $40

"ill" by Zachary Brown


"A Building Tradit" By Zachary Brown

“A Building Tradit”

Please take a moment to inform yourself about my “Art Of The Month Club”


This is an avenue where you can collect small works such as block prints and small paintings without having to invest in a large scale canvas work.  There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime.  I reserve the right to limit the total number of club members.

Difficult Situation - abstract painting - paint by numbers by Zachary Brown

Difficult Situation by Zachary Brown

You may receive, block prints , works on paper or small paintings.  Such as the work shown above.