Zachary Brown

Artist Bio

Born 1982, Delray Beach, FL USA


Exhibitions: (* denotes solo exhibition)

*Jan 2009 – “Shimmer” Garden Gallery at King’s Bridge – Atlanta, GA

*Mar 2009 – “Prime” – The Warehouse – Woodstock, GA

May 2009 – “Quiet Roar” – DooGallery – Atlanta, GA

Sept 2009 – “Nine Nine Nine” – Jack Art Gallery – Atlanta, GA

Nov 2009 – “Winter Mix” – Jack Art Gallery – Atlanta, GA

Oct 2010 – “Momentum” – Momentum Church – Woodstock, GA


2008 Artscene, May 2008 featured artist,

2009 Cherokee Tribune, 1-18-09 Lifestyle Article – “Abstract Vision”

2009 Stomp and Stammer, May

2009 Rive Magazine, 8-21-09

2009 “Nothing Between Us” by Wendy Barker, Cover Artist, Copyright 2009  Buy it here

2010 TheSocial360.Org, September 2010 Featured Artist,

2010 Share Magazine

2011 Gemini Magazine September issue


Photo credit: Christy Parry

Photo credit: Christy Parry


5 Responses to “Artist Bio”

  1. Tina Cairo Says:


    It is tina cairo. i came and checked out your site and your art is amazing. i am so impressed and can truly see your heart and passion displayed on the canvas. I do not know if you know this but i am an art fanatic especially with van gogh. i was curious if you ever sold your art pieces because i am really interested in purchasing one so i may display your work in my home. i also have a client who is an artist who if you have thought about selling your pieces i know she has some connections that could get your work displayed and possibly puchased. Please let me know about purchasing a piece because i would be honored.

    Tina Cairo

  2. bootgun Says:


    You are too kind! I am so glad you are interested in art! I’ll get in touch about your client.


  3. Areva Says:

    well, this is inspiring! like your paintings a lot…your works are the proof that abstract art can actually be meaningful!

  4. jordyn Says:

    I love your paintings 🙂

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