Zachary Brown

Artist Statement

Abstract painting is truly my passion.  For me, the act of painting is success.  Rather than sales or prestige, creation is my goal.

Sometimes I will plan the entirety of a piece before I begin while other times the direction will be totally fluid and won’t be known to me until I am complete. I predominately use acrylic paint and will frequently use unconventional media for accent or texture.

My current body of work is my escape. I paint as a therapy of sorts; it helps me feel like I belong on Earth. Abstract painting allows me to relieve the swelling in my subconscious.

If you should wish to purchase any of my artwork  please contact me via e-mail:


Zachary Brown - Abstract Artist

*Photo Credit: Amber M. Eberly – Cherokee Tribune


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  1. a feelin that is mutual. nothin like it

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