“Difficult Situation” Abstract Art – Paint By Numbers

July 13, 2009

I was being harrased about how “gay” I was for being a painter by some neanderthals at work and they were mocking me w/ various phrases, one of which was “Why don’t you do an abstract paint by numbers? Ha ha ha?”.  In the spirit of throwing their own ingnorance back in their faces I decided to take them up on it.  I enjoyed this one so much I plan a series of these.

“Difficult Situation”

9″ x 12″

Ink on Canson Acrylic paper (suitable for archival quality when painted w/ Acrylic paints)

Completed 7-13-09

Edition: 1/1


Difficult Situation by Zachary Brown

Difficult Situation by Zachary Brown

Signed on back

Numbered 1/1

Includes 2.5″ x 3.5″ Color Key (or you can use the colors you desire)

Paint NOT included


3 Responses to ““Difficult Situation” Abstract Art – Paint By Numbers”

  1. I love it! Good for you, coming up with a creative response to hurtful harassment. And it’s sold, even better. Let’s see some more!

  2. nina roos Says:

    i like this, good attitude i think towards them! thanks for sharing the work here. And lots greetings from the dutch coast!

  3. Georgie Says:

    That is awesome and I really like it as it is!

    I get people saying to me ‘A child could do that’ and so on and it stumps them when you say that art is totally subjective. They don’t usually know what words like subjective mean! Ha ha!
    Also, would a child consciously paint in such a way? Usually, no. They wouldn’t go out and buy canvas would they? I always win in those sorts of discussions; I get a bit angry.

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